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Attracting attention to our business with the help of Lighted Palm Trees

At lighted Palm Paradise, we know what it takes to attract customers to a retail location. We’ve been using lighted palm trees and lighted
fireworks trees for the past several years to help bring attention to our Franklin Ohio location. Visible from hundreds of yards away and a staple of conversation for those that drive up and down Interstate 75 at night, people always identify our location when we say “look for the big lighted fireworks and palm trees”.

Like a moth to a flame, these artificial lighted trees will catch your customers eye.

If your business or venue needs to draw a crowd, lighted coconut palm trees and lighted fireworks trees are a real attention getter guaranteed to attract customers. It is proven that vibrant colors and alternating light patterns get attention. With lighted palm trees, you can use this to your advantage with a beautiful, durable outdoor ready fixture that will provide years of value and appeal to your business or party pad.